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Eduroam (which stands for Education Roaming), is a RADIUS-based infrastructure that uses 802.1X security technology to allow for inter-institutional roaming. Its users are research and educational institutions, universities mainly.

Being part of eduroam allows users visiting another institution connected to eduroam to log on to the WLAN using the same credentials (username and password) the user would use if he were at his home institution. Depending on local policies at the visited institutions, eduroam participants may also have additional resources at their disposal. All this with a minimum administrative overhead.

Although eduroam started up in Europe, it gathered quite soon consensus also outside Europe. The first not-European country to join eduroam was Australia, in December 2004.
Eduroam has evolved into a federation of federations (con-federation), where the single federations are run at national level and they all connect to a region.
To date there are two confederations: the European eduroam confederation and the Asia-Pacific (APAN) eduroam confederation.